Medical & Paramedical Care

Dedicated to helping patients lead healthier and longer lives, Clinique La Prairie Medical Center offers an outstanding range of expertise, incorporating over 50 leading medical specialists, surgical services, 3 operation theatres and 20 post-surgery rooms.  Strongly rooted in holistic approach to health and well-being, specialties covers all fields to fulfill your physical and psychological needs, as well as to perform comprehensive checkups or to get professional advice about nutrition.

The state-of-the-art Aesthetic Medicine Center and Dental Center of Excellence recently completed the services. Discover our large range of medical and paramedical specialities.

A note regarding Covid-19 measures that you can read here. Be assured that the clinic is diligently prepared with the highest cleanliness standards and protocols.

All our services


The new gastroenterology center accepts patients for consultations regarding digestive disorders and liver diseases. Outpatient exploratory gastrointestinal procedures, mainly via colonoscopy and gastroscopy, are performed at the digestive endoscopy center.

General surgery

The Surgery Center at Clinique La Prairie offers a range of general and specialized surgical operations.

Gynecological Surgery

Our surgeons are specialised in pelvic and cosmetic surgery and also accept patients requiring major surgeries.


Hematology studies blood and its related diseases as well as the blood cells and their role in oxygenation, immunity and coagulation.


A hypnotic state is a modified state of consciousness, which can be induced intentionally by a therapist. It allows easier access to the subconscious in order to bring about rapid and deep change.


The Medical Management at Clinique La Prairie ensures the quality of medical services and the security of patients while contributing to the elaboration of the future strategy of the clinic. Dr. Heini has developed several medical and longevity programs to help patients live longer and healthier lives. It is as Medical Director since 2020, that Dr Heini pursues his mission and the pioneering spirit of the Clinic in these areas, and to strengthen the development of the Medical Center.

Dr Heini