Medical & Paramedical Care

Dedicated to helping patients lead healthier and longer lives, Clinique La Prairie Medical Center offers an outstanding range of expertise, incorporating over 50 leading medical specialists, surgical services, 2 operation theatres and 20 post-surgery rooms.  Strongly rooted in holistic approach to health and well-being, specialties covers all fields to fulfill your physical and psychological needs, as well as to perform comprehensive checkups or to get professional advice about nutrition.

The state-of-the-art Aesthetic Medicine Center and Dental Center of Excellence recently completed the services. Discover our large range of medical and paramedical specialities.

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The Physiotherapy Service is responsible for treatments linked to body movements, rehabilitation after surgery, and disorders of the locomotor system.


The specialized science of the airways is central to the treatment of many pathological conditions. Our pulmonologists make diagnoses and propose comprehensive treatments.


Stress, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, sleep disorders, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, and eating disorders are conditions which, if they persist, are often linked to psychiatric disorders.


Consultation with a psychologist allows you to identify the emotions produced by events you have encountered, interpret them, and cope with them better.


The Radiology Institute, located in the basement of the Medical Center, occupies an entire floor measuring 725 m2 and has annexes measuring 210 m2. It has its own reception desk and waiting rooms.


The Medical Management at Clinique La Prairie ensures the quality of medical services and the security of patients while contributing to the elaboration of the future strategy of the clinic. Dr. Heini has developed several medical and longevity programs to help patients live longer and healthier lives. It is as Medical Director since 2020, that Dr Heini pursues his mission and the pioneering spirit of the Clinic in these areas, and to strengthen the development of the Medical Center.

Dr Heini