Millennium Chinese medicine, acupuncture is based on stimulating the meridians and specific points on the body, by sterile and painless needles. 

The benefits of acupuncture: health, beauty, fertility, wellness, energy and relaxation.

The flow of energy inside our body can be affected by stress, fatigue or lack of sleep. These flows are essential to balance in our life. Therefore, it is essential to restore this balance to maintain good health.

We recommend you discover acupuncture, which complements the treatments provided at Clinique La Prairie. Developed over 5,000 years ago by Chinese medicine, acuaspiration is based on the stimulation of meridians and specific points on the body, using sterile and painless needles. This energizing and stress-relieving action will improve your general state of well-being, energy level and wellness.

Acupuncture can also relieve certain psychosomatic and gynecological problems, menopausal disorders in particular.

Your treatment begins with an interview and exam to establish your needs. For long-lasting energy improvement, and to improve your sense of wellness, three to five sessions are recommended.

Our approach

Acupuncture, a branch of Chinese medicine practiced for thousands of years, is based on stimulation of the meridians and specific points on the body using painless sterile needles. This energizing and anti-stress action improves your general state of health, tone and well-being. Health, beauty, fertility or relaxation are just some of the benefits of acupuncture. It is also effective as a complementary treatment for pain, weight or menopause management.


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