FMH specialist in general internal medicine
General internal medicine

Dr Renaud Perret, an FMH certified specialist in general internal medicine, is the holder of a Doctorate in Medicine awarded by the University of Lausanne. He is in charge of the follow-up of patients suffering from multiple, chronic and psychosomatic diseases. He also has complementary experience in treatment of allergies, rheumatology, geriatrics, travel medicine, palliative medicine, ENT (ear, nose and throat), and paediatrics. He has been practising at Clinique La Prairie since 1999.


  • Monitoring of chronic, multiple and psychosomatic diseases


  • Specialist FMH in general internal medicine
  • Doctorate in Medicine, Lausanne University, Switzerland


  • Faculty of Medicine, Lausanne University, Switzerland

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • French


  • FMH Foedaratio Medicorum Helveticorum
  • SVM Vaudoise Society of Medicine
  • SSMIG Swiss Society of Internal General Medicine
  • MF Vaud, Vaudoise Association of family doctors

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The specialist in internal medicine is interested in the patient's state of health as whole, but he or she works in close collaboration with specialists in other branches, as necessary.