Gynaecology and Obstetrics

The Menopause Centre offers multidisciplinary care to women approaching perimenopause as well as those already in menopause.

Our approach

Every woman has a different reaction, both physically and in response to various treatments. This is why our doctor follows an individualised approach that takes your personal history into consideration. Listening to his patients in an extremely important step. This allows him to adjust the treatments to best suit your needs, your body and your daily life. The gynaecology department provides essential diagnostic services and treatment follow-up in all relevant areas. Our practitioner is a highly qualified provider of endocrinological services for infertility, oncology (cancer), surgical oncology and cosmetic surgery.

All clinical examinations (screening, ultrasound, mammography, hormone tests) can be performed on-site at the clinic for your convenience. 

The approach includes the most recent methods of personalised medicine based on genetic analysis, which allows a personalised prescription for contraception and hormone therapy.

The tests are carried out in cooperation with GENE PREDICTIS (

Menopause center

The menopause centre was established by Dr Thierry Pache at la Clinique La Prairie in 1995 and is the leading private centre in this sector in Switzerland. Its mission is to offer a multidisciplinary approach to women in early menopause (under the age of 40) and women approaching perimenopause (average age 47) and those already in menopause (average age 51 and older). Service is personalised and focuses on prevention in order enhance the quality to the years to come. Treatments are determined according to need and the consultation, and may include hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, homeopathy, etc.

Gynecological surgery

Our surgeons are specialised in pelvic and cosmetic surgery and also accept patients requiring major surgeries.


Gynecology - Obstetrics


Gynecology - Obstetrics


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